Fun LED Badges

Newest models - Bluetooth programmable from your smart phone
Other models - programmable with computer application
Functions: Scroll from left or right, up or down, snowflake, laser
Display colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow , Pink
Badges display text and animated graphics - 13 languages
Great for sporting and political events
Important Messages                                 Fun displays                                 Political Signs
There are two bluetooth models:

A) phone sends message immediately to name badge replacing current message

B) Set badge to receive mode - message(s) sent from phone (30-45 second delay)

Stores eight messages
(displays sequentially
or select one at a time)
Lots of fun.

Great attention getter.

Colors: Red - Blue - Green - Yellow

and now --- PINK

Pink is the new Happy!

Computer Programmable Model:

install software - edit messages on your PC

downloads messages through USB charging cable

Stores eight messages
(displays sequentially
or select one at a time)

Programmable on Windows PC, Unavailable for Mac

Bluetooth A. App.

Bluetooth B. App.

Bluetooth A. Pricing.

1248 App

Red / Blue / Green / Yellow


PINK - $16.00

Bluetooth B. Pricing.

Badge App

Multi - Message

/ Green / Yellow / Blue


Computer Programmable App.

Computer Programmable Pricing.

Multi - Message

/ Red / Blue


Shipping is $4.00 - If you are local, call about free delivery
Pink badges have

Bluetooth A


Bluetooth A
- Pink


Bluetooth B
- Multi-Message


Computer Programmable
- Multi-Message


Shipping is $4.00 - If you are local
to Marietta, Woodstock,
or Roswell (Georgia), call about free delivery

All badges charge using USB cable (included) - charge time - 1 hour
Brightness is adjustable
Charge last 8 - 10 hours
Call Doug Wall --- 678-230-1265       Will deliver to Marietta, Woodstock, Roswell (Georgia) areas (No shipping charge)
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